Friday, November 21, 2008

Good News

We went to the Infusion Center this afternoon as planned, David came along because he stayed home from school today. He said that he didn't feel well this morning - I think it was more that he needed some attention. When we first arrived at the Cancer Center the boys were treated like superstars as usual. They had about 8 nurses huddled around them - it was very cute. Then they met Mr. T who gave them a toy that repeats about 6 different Mr. T sayings. They both liked it...but David thinks it is hysterical and keeps hitting the buttons over and over and over!

Now to the great news - Ben is not neutropenic anymore! His white blood count and ANC are still pretty low, 1.7 and 765 respectively, but going in the right direction! The doctor said his ear is still very infected so we will need to make sure we watch him closely for any temperature, chills or other signs that he is not feeling well as that may mean that bacteria has entered his bloodstream and he will need to be admitted...but hopefully that won't happen and he can just finish out the antibiotics on an outpatient basis. He will receive antibiotic infusions over the weekend but won't have his ear examined again by the doctor until Monday so that is when we will find out what is next.

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Aunt Stefanie said...

The Pearson family is simply amazing. You all never cease to kick major pathogen tushie while being positive, loving, loveable and wonderful.

I am so proud to share genes with you!!!

We all love you,
Aunt Stefanie, Uncle Shlomo, Shalhevet and Hila