Friday, November 7, 2008

Chemo and Report Cards

Ben had chemo yesterday (Vincristine) and did a great job as usual. Our usual nurse was out so we needed to wait until today to receive the results from his bloodwork...but we were told that everything is fantastic. They did not provide the actual numbers (I can get them later), but everything looks great and they are very happy with Ben's progress. Ben also started his steroids yesterday morning. I don't know if the steroids are causing his current mood or if it is from this cold he cannot seem to get rid of...but I hope it is over soon.

Ben can't seem to shake his cough and runny nose. Unfortunately, he will probably have to miss hockey practice tonight - this was Ben's call based on comments from the nurses and how tired he is today. He is hoping that if he really rests up he will be well enough to play in his game tomorrow.

We went to Parent/Teacher conferences this morning and came out all smiles, as usual. We have the two most amazing boys! We could not be more proud of them!

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