Thursday, November 20, 2008

Still Home!

Ben was very emotional today as he REALLY did not want to be admitted to the hospital...and thankfully they decided not to admit him for the time being.

His temperature keeps creeping up into the danger zone...but always quickly comes back down with the aid of Tylenol. The highest it has gone is 100.9 (he is at risk of being admitted if higher than 100.4). Ben's ear is still very painful, but both doctors who looked at it said, "Wow, no wonder you are in so much pain!" It is very red and infected and giving him a lot of grief. As Scott noted in an earlier post, the most troubling factor in this is the low white blood count (1.2) and ANC (384) so he really cannot fight off anything right now. They took additional blood in the Infusion Center for a blood culture so they can see if any other infections are attacking him.

We will be going back to the Infusion Center for at least the next few days where they will continue to do more tests and give him antibiotics. We will keep hopeful that a hospital stay will not be required. As Ben has repeatedly pointed out in the past week - he spent his last Thanksgiving in the hospital and he really does not want to do that again!

We will be sure to keep everyone posted of further developments over the next few days.

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