Sunday, November 23, 2008

Up Down Up Down

Yesterday's hospital visit was a bit longer than expected. First, Ben's IV line just wouldn't work and was extremely painful for him. They were not able to draw any blood through the line so had to do it the old fashioned way. Thankfully they only needed enough for a CBC so could get away with just a finger poke. Ben's ANC number fell back down into neutropenic range (481) but thankfully for the nurses in the Infusion Center they called the doctor and asked whether they could switch him to oral antibiotics since it was so close to 500 and the doctor agreed!

We just returned back home from the hospital and we have the good news that Ben's ANC went above the neutropenic range to 671 so he is able to stay on the oral antibiotics so no re-insertion of the IV! Yeah!

We go back again tomorrow and they will check his blood again and give his ear another examination. We hope that his white blood count goes up and his infection looks better so maybe we can get done with these daily visits before Thanksgiving!

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