Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Big Day

We are in the Infusion Center, where Ben is getting lots of stuff. He's getting antibiotics and fluid intravenously right now. He's also got some numbing cream on his thighs to prepare him for his PEG-Asparaginase shots, which he'll get a little later. Before the shots, he'll get some plasma and Vincristine. He'll also get some Atavan, a mild tranquilizer, to make the shots easier.

Ben is feeling OK about the shots, in part because his cousin Kyle (on my side of the family, not the one in Michigan) gets shots every day to treat his diabetes. If Kyle can handle shots every day, then Ben can handle these. (We did not discuss that these shots are higher volume with bigger needles than insulin, but that's not really the point!). Also, he's getting some birthday presents early as a reward.

We'll try to report in later, but things are going OK so far. Thanks to everyone for checking in and following Ben's progress.

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