Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still Struggling

Another not-so-great day for Ben. His temperature was pretty high, close to the point where he would need to be re-admitted to the hospital. We had an appointment at the Infusion Center anyway for some antibiotics, blood tests and to get his IV pump refilled. Today's results were not great -- white counts are still low, so we are back on neutropenic precautions. (That basically means he can't eat certain things and we have to be really careful about exposing him to anyone who might be sick.) We did not have to stay at the hospital overnight, but they added a second antibiotic IV pump (so he now has two pumps, one for each port on his PICC line) and we have to watch his temperature carefully. If it goes above 100.5, we're going to be re-admitted.

This is not a big deal, but it is a pain. :(


Roxy said...

Ben, I'm here for you, buddy :D We'll keep praying those extra white cells go away soon :D

Aunt Stefanie said...

Ben and David are my heroes (and Scott and Nicole too).

Love, Aunt Stefanie