Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ben is still on the pump for his antibiotics and we have been going to the hospital every afternoon to get additional antibiotics and to have the pump restocked. He was having a bad reaction to one of the chemo drugs yesterday but he is feeling much better today although he is still exhausted. The current blood tests are not great - his white blood count and hemoglobin are pretty low (which explains why he is so tired). We need to take the neutropenic precautions again and he may need a transfusion tomorrow for the low hemoglobin if the number doesn't get higher. They have decided not to take him off the pump on Saturday as originally planned and keep him on it until his numbers look better. Also, they say that there is a good chance that the numbers will not be high enough to start up the chemo again on Tuesday. We will just need to wait until he gets stronger and then we can start up again.

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