Monday, July 16, 2007

Great News!

Nicole just called. She's on the way home from the hospital with Ben, who had very good test results. He is no longer neutropenic and he doesn't need the IV pumps anymore!

Tomorrow Ben starts the next round of chemo. He'll need to be in the hospital for like 8 hours, I think because he's getting the mustard gas stuff again and needs lots of hydration to protect his kidneys.

OK, back to work. I am sure that Nicole will correct anything inaccurate I've written above.

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Turing Point School said...


Just read the good news about Ben. I understand that the Turning Point community is taking wonderful care of you, but if there is anything more that I can do to make life easier for you right now, please don't fail to ask.

Give Ben a big hug for me and David too.