Thursday, July 5, 2007

Clinic Visit

Ben had another quick visit to the hospital today - but just to have his blood tested. His white blood count is actually okay at the moment but his hemoglobin and platelets are down so they will need to see him for another test on Monday before the next spinal tap which is currently scheduled for Tuesday. The lower numbers are likely a result of all the chemotherapy he received the past two weeks and will require close monitoring (also causes exhaustion and grumpiness!).

The other issue we need to watch very closely is his temperature which is 100.4. This is the magic number which usually requires an automatic call and possible visit to the hospital. If it goes up any higher we will likely need to bring him back in - hopefully just for some antibiotics and not for another hospital stay!

The boys are happy to be back home and are currently playing their computer Star Wars game. They have been making some funny comments making fun of their Uncle Chris because they are better at the game than he is. (Uncle Chris came and hung out with Ben so that I could take David to the doctor for his 5 year check-up this morning - David is in great shape and received 3 shots with no crying or complaining!!)

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