Saturday, July 7, 2007

Still At The Hospital

I am home for the night with David and Scott is with Ben at the hospital. If this post is incoherent it is only for lack of sleep and I will make any revisions necessary in the morning!

Ben is currently receiving 3 different kinds of antibiotics to try to get rid of whatever infection is in him. His temperature went as high as 103.8 this afternoon but has come down this evening to just under 100. Ben's doctor came in for a visit after I left to take David home and said that he will likely need to stay at the hospital for a few days so they can grow some cultures and continue to give him the antibiotics to try to get this thing under control. Her guess is that it is an infection in his PICC line. This is something that happens - just one of the lovely side effects of all that is going on. They shouldn't have to change the PICC line. Will continue to give the antibiotics and try to kill whatever is in there.

Ben was not happy about the news that he needed to be admitted to the hospital again but after we got up to the Pediatrics floor he was excited to go pick out which Fun Center to bring into his room. He is not feeling so great with the temperature combined with the heartburn and tummy trouble from the antibiotics but he is still in pretty good spirits.

As of now, his spinal tap is still on schedule for Tuesday. My understanding is that unless he is really sick the chemo schedule will stay on track.

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