Monday, July 30, 2007


Well, Ben's numbers continue to be very low so he is still neutropenic. Also, his platelets were low yesterday so needed a platelet transfusion and today his hemoglobin level was extremely low so needed a transfusion today as well. Fortunately he slept for most of the transfusion today so David and I just hung out playing video games for 6 hours (I don't know how I would keep them entertained for these long stretches without the FunCenter and PSP!!).

The low numbers are to be expected due to all of the chemo he received the previous two weeks so this is nothing to be concerned about. He will continue to receive antibiotics daily at the infusion center until he is no longer neutropenic and tomorrow is more chemo and the dreaded leg injections! They have agreed to give Ben a drug to relax him prior to the injections so we are hoping it won't be as stressful for him.

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