Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Calm Day

Well I think I have stopped shaking from yesterday's injections! Today was much easier. We had to go to the Cancer Center but only to check Ben's numbers and so he could receive his antibiotic transfusion.

Unfortunately, his numbers are down again so in addition to continuing on with the antibiotics tomorrow he will also be receiving a platelet transfusion. Ben is kind of bummed as he was really hoping to avoid the hospital on his birthday but we are going to make the best of it. As we have learned, there is no reason you can't have fun just because you are at the hospital!

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Roxy said...

August 2nd -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!!! :D Big hug!!!

Hey, you are the reason I'm still not quitting medicine :) Hang in there :) Ask for the numby patch before they PEG you :D