Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We are home!!

We are home and so happy to be here! Ben was very excited to have two of the cats greet us at the door (Zorro and Shaggy) and now we are anxiously awaiting David's return from Grammy and Poppy's house!

We will need to go to the Infusion Center every day to restock the antibiotic pump and so they can check his blood to make sure all is well. Ben starts the next phase of treatment tomorrow so he will be receiving a chemo drug (Vincristine) - but he has had it many times before and if we take the anti-nausea drug it doesn't have too bad of an impact on him (and even when he has a bad reaction it usually passes in about 12-24 hours). He will need the pump for about 10 days but then at the end of next week they will finish the antibiotics and take out the current PICC line. Ben will be free of it for about 6 weeks so baths and showers will be much easier and I believe he will even be able to swim (I need to check for certain tomorrow with the doctor).
He will be taking other medications during this next phase but most of them are oral so hopefully won't be too bad. We will see whether there will be any new enticements offered by Scott make him take the medicine!

The best news is that as of now Ben is scheduled to start school next week with everyone else!!! He is so excited! We plan on doing some shopping for a new lunch box and clothes. He even gets to go use the gift certificates he received for his birthday. He hasn't been able to go into any stores for weeks because he has been neutropenic for so long but now that his numbers are up we will be doing some major shopping!

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