Saturday, September 1, 2007

Lots of Medicine

We are still home and just making our daily trips to the Cancer Center for antibiotic refills and blood tests. Ben has been a little grumpy and tired lately, but you can't really blame him considering how tough the past few weeks have been. He has been put through a lot. We were also told that the steroids can cause mood swings - thank goodness he only needs to take them 5 days a month - we don't want any roid rage incidents! :)

He needs to take quite a bit of medicine orally during this phase so he is not too happy about that but I think we have a good system down so far and he is being a good sport. After we get through the antibiotics over the next week this phase should be pretty easy as long as he doesn't get any infections or fevers. Ben told me he wants to carry Purell in his pocket to school and will be careful not to hang out with anyone with a runny nose!

If all goes as planned he will only need the antibiotic pump until Friday and then it will come off and the PICC line will come out. Ben is still nervous about the actual removal of the PICC line but I know he will be happy to have it out for a few weeks.

We did our back to school shopping so now the boys are totally ready with backpacks, lunchboxes and clothes. They even have their homework done and ready to turn in so we are just hoping there are no surprises between now and Wednesday!

(Kitten update: Shaggy (or Shag Master S as David calls him) was given the all clear yesterday and is totally healthy. Now we just need to try to stop him from stealing all the food from the other cats - he has almost doubled his weight in the past few weeks! He has certainly been a fun new addition to the family!)


Roxy said...

I'm so glad you're doing great, Ben!!! School, huh...yipee!!! :)

XAgirl said...

I was bored one day and started perusing through random blogs and yours happened to come up. I had a PICC line recently due to a severe staph infection. Insertion was a bit painful (about three seconds max) coming out was a piece of cake, no pain at all. Just thot I'd ease the anxiety a bit. :)