Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Another spinal tap down!!
All went well today. Everyone (nurses and doctors) always comment on how well behaved and cooperative Ben is during all the procedures. Everyone is always amazed at how mature he is for a 7-year old!
Ben had an IV put in, blood drawn, a spinal tap and vincristine (chemo) today. All went well and we had the wonderful news that his blood looks really good. As we were hoping, this has been the nice and easy phase they were expecting. A nice little break before the next phase starts (later in October). We also received the wonderful news that there was a typo in the information we received about the next phase and it looks like he will NOT have to receive a spinal tap on Halloween as we previously thought!!
Ben is in great spirits and feeling great (he was very happy to have his Poppy there during the procedure today). We will continue to report on all developments!

(p.s. Thank you Marlene for the awesome dinner and delicious cupcakes!)

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