Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Great Day!

The boys woke up early because they were so excited to start school and raced through breakfast because they wanted to get there early. I told them that we could go a little bit early but not go too crazy on the first day (I was a little nervous about Ben's stamina). They eagerly jumped out of the car when we got to the school and I barely got a wave as they ran in. I, of course, was a nervous wreck!

I was first in line at the pick-up looking anxiously as the clock slowly ticked away. When they were finally brought out and put in the car I asked them how the first day was and they both yelled "FANTASTIC"! They love their teachers and their friends and had so much fun! Ben said he didn't get tired the whole day and David said he didn't get into too much trouble. :)
Ben said he was asked alot of questions about his PICC line and about the pump but he was happy to explain everything.

We had our daily hospital visit immediately after school and although Ben's hemoglobin is a little low and his white blood count is now too high the doctors and nurses are not concerned. This is a normal side effect of two of the drugs he is currently taking. We will go in for another antibiotic refill tomorrow but then the PICC line comes out on Friday. We should have 6 weeks off. Blood draws will certainly be more difficult but he shouldn't need that many during this phase. They will put in a nice new PICC in October when he starts the next phase of treatment.

The boys have already had ice cream sundaes to celebrate their first day and have already finished with their homework so we will be having a nice relaxing evening.

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