Sunday, September 23, 2007

Great Weekend!

We have had a very fun few days! Friday was the first field trip for the boys and I was able to tag along as a chaperone for Ben's class. We went to the park and had a wonderful time playing games, playing on the jungle gym and having a picnic. A beautiful day of playing outside with lots of friends!

The biggest treat of the day was Scott's return from trial. The boys were so excited and had a lot of fun playing until way past normal bedtimes. David wanted to have a celebratory dinner for Daddy's return. His pick was ribs. Scott and I sat there amazed as David polished off a whole rack without a problem - that boy can eat!

Ben has the class mascot for the weekend so we went out and about for an "army day" on Saturday looking at army trucks and artillery and other such stuff (I'm sure the boys will be upset I don't remember the actual names of everything!) We took lots of pictures so Ben can complete his Buster Bunny book to share with his class on Monday.

Today has been fantastic with a great visit from family. The boys had a great time playing with their cousins...oh yeah, and then the cutting of their uncle's hair! Although Ben has not lost all of his hair yet he has been continuously pleading with his Uncle Chris to shave his head early. His uncle just couldn't say no any longer and brought over the hair trimmers as Ben asked. Ben and David were amused by the new hairstyle they gave him but I don't think his wife and girls quite liked it (but it should look normal again very soon so I think everyone will survive)!

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