Friday, September 7, 2007

Bye, bye PICC line!

Today is Ben's last day on the antibiotic pump. After school, he'll go to the hospital, return the pump, and have the PICC line removed. He's excited because he gets to help pull it out!

Losing the PICC line will be great because Ben will be able to bathe and swim like a normal kid -- no more wrapping his arm in Saran wrap so he can take a bath or shower. But when they need to draw blood, they'll have to do it the old fashioned way. That will suck, but he'll get used to it, we hope.

I have a long trial starting on the East Coast soon, so I'm going to be gone a lot. Out for a week, back for a couple of days, gone for another week, then home for a week, then gone again, etc. Hard to predict the exact schedule, and it's tough when it takes all day to get home. But we have telephones and a webcam, so hopefully all will be OK. Nicole has lots of support, so that's good. Thanks to all of you who will be helping her out while I'm gone!

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