Monday, August 27, 2007

Good news and bad

Ben is still in the hospital. I stayed with him again last night for work scheduling reasons; Nicole is there now and she'll stay tonight.

The good news is that Ben's counts have improved considerably. He is no longer neutropenic (or at least he wasn't last time I heard), but he has a bad infection in his PICC line. The doctors are seriously considering taking it out (it has been in for more than 4 months now), which would help get the infection under control. The problem is that Ben would then need to be stuck every time they have to draw blood, which is often daily (more frequently when he is in the hospital). Even with an IV in the hospital, they often have trouble drawing blood and have to stick him. So we'd like them to put a new PICC line in, but that may not be possible right away since he has the infection.

We'll try to keep everyone posted. No clue when we'll be discharged.

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