Monday, August 20, 2007

So many good people . . .

Nicole and I continue to be amazed by how many wonderful and giving people there are in this world. We want to catalog all of the wonderful things people have done for us, but there have been so many that it's tough. A few recent examples:

* One of my out-of-state clients is in LA on business this week. She has many commitments, I am sure, but she is spending a good part of one of her days here going to Cedars to donate her A- blood for Ben. THANK YOU!

* A fireman in Ventura County who we have never met keeps sending things to Ben and David, complete with cool "fireman" letters. Today they got Dodgers bobbleheads, Ventura Fire Department baseball caps with his station number on the front and their full names on the back, and uniform patches! THANK YOU!

* Good friends of ours helped out with Ben's birthday party by picking up items we needed for the party and coming early and staying late to help with set-up and clean-up. THANK YOU!

* A good friend who has been following the blog saw that it was Ben's birthday recently and stuffed our mailbox with a PSP game for him -- coincidentally the one he's been asking for. THANK YOU!

* A special operations soldier in Pennsylvania who we have never met keeps sending unit patches, posters and other items to both Ben and David. THANK YOU!

* Family members have been working overtime to help us out in a million different ways. THANK YOU!

* People at my office and a different group of people at the hospital got together and gave Ben and David backpacks full of toys, school supplies and other goodies. THANK YOU!

* Many people have been making donations to the charities in the right margin. THANK YOU!

We undoubtedly are forgetting people, but we want to thank everyone. You are all AWESOME! THANK YOU!

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