Monday, August 6, 2007

Will the numbers ever get higher???

All is going well here...except for the fact that Ben's numbers are still being stubborn. We were hoping that last week and this week were going to be easy but instead we are at the hospital every single day!!! The doctor told us to schedule appointments for the remainder of the week. They expect Ben will need the antibiotics as well as other blood products this week. As soon as his numbers start coming up and they take him off the antibiotics I think we are going to have to have a celebration.
I love all the people at the infusion center - they are absolutely wonderful to us - but we would LOVE a day off!!!

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Roxy said...

big hug ben! those numbers do go up. they will! it's in all the books ;) the big heavy 2-volume ones :D (i know coz i had to read up a lot to survive internal med rotations -- which i did, just today :D)

i'm praying for you always ;D