Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Report

Ben and I just returned from the Infusion Center. He got antibiotics and also got hooked up to a pump to get antibiotics for the next 24 hours. Nicole was concerned about the pump because Ben's birthday party is tomorrow and it would interfere with his ability to participate in the festivities. But the nurses told me we can disconnect it before the party, so that's good.

I was very happy to get a couple of letters from Cedars today indicating that a couple of my partners recently made donations to the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Program in Ben's honor. Thanks to both of you! The money really will help some needy kids. If anyone else wants to make donations, there are links to several good charities (including Cedars) in the right margin.

And thanks to everyone for your continued thoughts and prayers. We continue to receive nice e-mails from people, and they do lift our spirits.


Tom Harry said...

Happy birthday Benjamin! ^_^

I'll play it on piano for you as soon as I log off *wink*

Roxy said...

happy birthday ben!!! :D

Mitch Langberg said...

Dear Ben,
I have been reading all about you on the blog your mom and dad have been writing. I can't believe what a tough and brave guy you are. I'm pretty old (like your dad) and I still always get scared every time I have to get a shot or give some blood. But, after reading how strong you have been, you have inspired me to be more brave, too. From now on, when I go to the doctor, I am going to think about you and try to be just like you!
I know that you are having your birthday party today and I bet you will have so much fun. Nothing could be better than cake AND ice cream AND presents!! With all the hard work you have been doing, I bet you can really use a fun day like this.
It seems like you have been getting messages from people all over the world. It must be cool to hear from people who you don't even know. We all think of you a lot and hope that you get better soon.
Have a great day and a great birthday party!!