Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Delay in Delayed Intensification

Well, tomorrow will not be a long day as we previously thought. The second half of Delayed Intensification needs to be put on hold...probably for about a week. Ben's numbers have not come up to a point where the doctors can proceed.

Ben is still neutropenic. His ANC number is at about 380 so still under the 500 mark and needs to be up to at least 750 for the second half to go forward. It is possible they wouldn't have gone forward even if at 750 or above because Ben has a little cough and runny nose and they wouldn't necessarily want to put him under for a spinal tap if even a little under the weather. The doctor put him on an antibiotic, but thankfully not the one that he can't stand.

Of course, we would like to just get this phase over and done with but on the bright side it certainly makes Thanksgiving easier!

By the way, Ben seems to be getting braver on a daily basis. The nurse was having difficulty drawing blood from his PICC line so Ben said, "why don't I just go over to the lab and they can poke me to get the blood sample." Karen and I looked at each other in shock because a few months ago even the thought of going over to the lab made him start to get nervous. I told him how proud I was of him and he just responded, "Mom, it really isn't something to get upset about, it only hurts for a second and then we don't have to drive everyone crazy trying to get the PICC line to work." As I have said in the past, and am sure will say many times again, Ben is an AMAZING boy!! He is getting a dressing change on his line tomorrow and the stat lock that is giving us so much trouble will be changed so this shouldn't continue to be a problem.

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Aunt Stefanie said...


You ARE absolutely amazing. I am so proud of you - and am inspired by you! Keep plugging and know that you have a gazillion (and three more!) people praying for you (and your parents and David) and sending you love!

Aunt Stefanie (and soon-to-be Uncle Shlomo and cousins Shalhevet and Hila)