Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Good News

Ben is still neutropenic but the good news as his number did go up from around 200 to just above 300. Because it is going in the right direction the doctors decided that Ben no longer needs to take the antibiotics that he dislikes so much. Ben couldn't believe it - he was so happy! Thankfully things are very slow this week medicine wise. No chemo scheduled until next week and that is only if his numbers are high enough. I forgot to write the numbers down but I believe his ANC (white blood count) needs to be at least 750 and his platelets need to be at least 75,000. His platelets are doing fine so we just have to wait and see how his white blood count does. If the numbers are high enough the second half of Delayed Intensification will start next Wednesday with a very long day starting with a spinal tap in the morning and then we will move down to the Infusion Center for more chemo and LOTS of hydration - I think about 8 hours worth. We have mixed emotions about whether we want the numbers to go up quickly. Of course we want things to move along and get this last tough stage over with...but Ben wouldn't mind not getting chemo on Thanksgiving!

Ben is still having some discomfort with the heartburn pain but nothing like the weekend and as I said before he was doing a little happy dance that the horrible tasting antibiotic is now off the daily schedule of medications!

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