Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not So Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving started off OK, but around 1 Ben's temperature shot up to 104 (from 99 this morning). So we are at the Infusion Center at Cedars (Nicole, me and Ben -- David stayed with Nicole's family to have Thanksgiving dinner).

They are testing Ben's blood now, and he'll get a chest x-ray in a little while. Then, we'll wait to see what the doctors order. We might be able to go home tonight, probably with an antibiotic pump, or we might get admitted to the hospital.

The good news is that the deli across the street is open today, and they serve turkey dinners. So I'm planning to go get three of them after Ben gets back from x-ray.

Hopefully everyone else is having a good day. We're making the best we can of ours. It could be much worse, of course, but it really sucks for a seven-year-old kid to have to be in the hospital today.

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