Friday, November 16, 2007

Tough Week

I like to start with the good news so I will say that Ben's mouth sores are doing well and his appetite has increased. Unfortunately, his legs have been hurting very much and his energy is way down. We have been keeping things very quiet for the past few days. Ben is out of bed to watch television, play cards and draw pictures but doesn't have enough energy for much of anything else. Unfortunately, David has been off of school for the past couple of days and has been full of energy which, of course, just upsets Ben. I was a bit concerned yesterday and was planning on bringing him to the hospital despite his normal temperature and good color just in case I was missing something...but I was told that considering what his little body is going through it is very normal to be tired and cranky!
We are not scheduled to go back until Tuesday for a blood test to see whether the next half of Delayed Intensification will start on schedule.
Scott is coming back into town tomorrow so the boys are so excited to have Daddy back!

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