Friday, November 23, 2007

Much Better

Ben had a very peaceful night. His temperature is back to normal and we learned at the hospital that his numbers are very good. He is no longer neutropenic! We were very happy to hear this as they were discussing whether to admit him due to a strange infection on his lower back. Had Ben's numbers been lower than yesterday they had decided to admit him so we were nervous waiting for the blood test results!
The infection started yesterday morning with what looked like a very small bug bite. The area of redness has become much larger and extremely painful for Ben. We are putting warm compresses on it and watching it very closely. The nurses and doctors will also be watching it closely on our now daily trips to the hospital. We hope it goes away soon!

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Lea White said...

Hello there,

Found your site as I browsed for info on Leukemia. My daughter Bianca is 4 years old and was diagnosed with ALL beginning June 2007. She is currently sitting at Day 13 of her Delayed Intensification phase.

I will follow your journey and keep you in my prayers and thoughts.

Kind regards

Lea White
Wellington New Zealand