Wednesday, November 7, 2007

House Bound

We went to the hospital for Vincristine and Doxorubicine again today. Unfortunately, Ben's white blood count (ANC) was down dramatically. Last week this number was up over 6000 but it is down to just over 200 today. This means that Ben is neutropenic again. The food restrictions are back in place and he is now on antibiotics.

The worst part is that this means that Ben needs to stay home from school for awhile. He was just devastated by this news. The expectation is that his numbers will be down for at least a couple of weeks. The schedule I previously outlined may be altered in that the second half of Delayed Intensification cannot be started until his ANC is back up again so we will just have to wait and see when things can start up again. The good news is that he is only on the steroids and antibiotics for now (although he just hates the taste of the antibiotics so there may be some bribery happening over the next few days) and he will get a break from the chemo until his numbers improve.

I think we will be taking things day by day for awhile.

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