Friday, November 9, 2007

Not So Great

Well, there are good days and bad days on this cancer rollercoaster and today was a not so great day.

Ben has been pretty upset by the fact that he is neutropenic again and not able to go to school but has been doing his best to keep a good attitude. He is very cute, every morning after he wakes up he makes a list of the things he would like to do. For example, "(1) color pictures, (2) watch a program and snuggle with Mommy while eating popcorn, (3) eat a salty pretzel."

In addition to the emotional issues, the many medications he is on really take a toll on him. Some make him hungry while others make his tummy very upset when he eats. He has terrible heartburn plus he is constipated due to one of the chemo drugs he received on Wednesday. We thought that he might have a urinary tract infection because he feels like he needs to go to the bathroom constantly so we took a trip over to the hospital today. Thankfully he doesn't. He was worried that there would be yet another medication to take. Not only does he need the "normal" medications but he needs a whole bunch just to counteract the side effects from those medications!

Ben went to bed at about 5:30 tonight so I am hoping that he is able to sleep through the night and that the extra sleep will make him feel a little better. Meanwhile, I am trying to give David a little extra attention as this phase has been tough on him as well.

On the bright side, we received a wonderful gift basket from a friend from school today that made both boys smile from ear to ear. It was stocked with toys, games, clothes, snacks and Ratatouille (the boys had really wanted to see this over the summer but Ben wasn't well enough to go to the movie theater). We all snuggled together and watched the movie after we picked David up from school and had a great time.

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