Saturday, June 30, 2007

Another Week of Chemo Done!

I have been delaying putting up another post as I didn't want to move the cute pictures if you haven't seen them yet be sure to scroll down!

There actually isn't much to report that is new. Ben finished another big week receiving chemo Tuesday through Friday. His attitude has stayed extremely positive and he doesn't give me any grief about the daily trips to the hospital. David has also tagged along all week and they always look forward to the great nurses and of course playing video games on the Fun Center that we drag into the Infusion Center from the playroom. Ben feels great and luckily so far hasn't had the negative side-effects that we had worried about. I have had a few people ask if Ben has lost his hair - so far his hair has thinned but most of it is still there. We did find out yesterday that Ben's blood count numbers are down, specifically his white blood count. This is normal due to the chemo and just means that we need to remain diligent in our fight against germs and bacteria.

The upcoming week should be relatively quiet hospital-wise. The only big day is Tuesday. As David has been showing some signs of stress from this whole ordeal I am keeping him home from camp for the next few weeks so that he can get some extra Mommy time and if Ben is still feeling great we will certainly plan some little adventures and playdates.

We are taking advantage of Ben's energy and have planned another fishing outing for tomorrow - this time I am invited! Scott has scoped out what looks to be a great lake that is not too far from here and has already reserved our boat. Watch out fish!!


Scott said...

We went to the tackle store today to get more hooks and tackle, plus another rod for David since he dropped his last one to the bottom of Irvine Lake. LOL

Lake Piru tomorrow -- we're ready for a big day!!!

Michigan Grattans said...

SO...did you catch any big fish? If so, maybe you could share some more photos??? We don't know what big fish look like around here, because we can't seem to catch any!
Lots of love, hugs and fishy kisses to all!
~Aunt Megan :-)