Monday, June 25, 2007


I just thought I would give everyone a quick update. Specifically, Ben is feeling great! Although we have been warned that there is a cumulative impact of the chemo drugs he is far, so good! He has been feeling great and up for almost anything. Yesterday he was even able to go fishing with David, Scott and his Poppy (otherwise known as my Dad). Ben was the only one who caught a fish (a nice largemouth bass) but they all had a terrific time and I am sure there will be many fishing trips planned in the future.

We thought we were going to have to go in to the hospital for a short visit today but we have been told that they can take care of the tests they need to do tomorrow. Tomorrow Ben will have another spinal tap and more chemo - and chemo the rest of the week. Since we have the day off today we are going to pick David up from soccer camp early and go have a special lunch and then special ice creams and then who knows!

Sadly, Scott needs to go out of town for a funeral but I will try to get a post up tomorrow evening to let everyone know how Ben did.

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