Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Daily Report

There hasn't been much to report the past couple of days. Ben was exhausted yesterday and his legs and feet hurt a lot so he wasn't in a very good mood. We thought our big outing was going to be picking up David from school...but Ben was so tired he couldn't even bring himself to do that. Thankfully, Maggie once again saved the day and picked up David for us!

Today has been relatively quiet. We went over to the hospital just for a blood test to see whether he needs a transfusion for low fibrinogen before the big tests on Friday. We are hanging out watching fishing shows on tv waiting for the results (yes, I did say fishing shows! He is absolutely obsessed with playing a fishing game on his PSP and watching fishing on tv. He loves to dream about the perfect fishing trip to go on after he is better!)

Well he is calling for me because I am missing a big fish being caught so I have to run!

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Gadi said...

Dear Ben,
We live in Jerusalem and heard about you from your aunt Stephanie who works with us at the Shalem Center. We just wanted to you to know that we think you are a trooper and that we are rooting for you all the way. We were so glad to find out that Stephanie has such a cool nephew.
Wishing you a “refuah shelemah”,
Gadi and Sharon Weber