Friday, June 1, 2007

Mid-visit Report

Hello from the playroom! We are waiting for lab results before going back in for the Vincristine. We haven't seen the doctors yet, but we did speak to Karen, one of the oncology nurses. She explained that the "zero" test result really was just a finding that the blast cells were below 5%. Apparently, even healthy people have some blast cells, which are created normally in the marrow during blood cell production. Less than 5% is healthy.

We won't know Ben's treatment protocol until after his next marrow biopsy, but currently we would get the medium-risk treatment. I'll explain what that entails later. And if our understanding of what is going on changes after we see the doctors, I'll clarify later.

The playroom is in a bit of disarray because they are about to do some floor repairs, but I took some photos and will post them later.

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