Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ben's Attitude

I never thought I would be getting lessons about how to behave from a 6 year old but I am now! I know I have said this many times lately...but Ben is such an amazing boy!!

We had a couple of good friends from school come over yesterday and Ben was so great at explaining his PICC line and what it is for and assuring everyone that it doesn't hurt at all (although it does freak him out a little knowing that it goes all the way into his chest). I thought the best was when he explained that the reason he looks so different is that he has gained a lot of weight because of the steroids that he needs to take. He laughed and told his friends that they would not believe how much he eats but reassured everyone that as soon as he goes off the medicine he will go back to normal.

Although there are days when he is sad or frustrated that he doesn't feel well, most of the time he has a very positive attitude. He told me the other day that it is kind of nice that he can just lay around for awhile as he had been getting so tired it is good to give his body a break. Of course, he also tells me that a good thing about being sick is that he can watch tv and play video games all day long!

No matter what this disease throws at him Ben seems to take it in stride and figure out something positive to take from it. WHAT AN AMAZING BOY!!!

By the way, today is David's last day of Preschool!! I am going to go over to the school for a little last day of school party today. Ben says that he is so proud of David and when David gets home from school he will help him start on his homework to get ready for K-1!

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