Sunday, June 10, 2007

Relaxing Sunday

We don't have much much to report today.

Scott took off for his business trip early this morning. When we woke up I asked Ben & David what they were in the mood to do today - they answered "be lazy!" (I actually think David answered "do nothing...and play Civilization.") Well, I sure didn't have any trouble granting that wish!

We read books, played games and of course played video games. We watched E.T. - the boys absolutely loved it. We also had a little play date this afternoon with one of David's friends from school (although I must admit that the play date was more for Mommy than the boys). All in all a very relaxing and lazy day.

We are hoping to get some of the test results from the bone marrow biopsy tomorrow so I will be sure to make a post if we do.

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