Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Another spinal tap and day of chemo down and Ben did great again today.

Although we were nervous about having the first spinal tap without Daddy around, due to the awesome nurses and doctors at Cedars the day went by without any problems. Ben had the spinal tap in the morning and then after he was awake and able to walk we went and had a nice lunch together. Poppy joined us in the playroom in the afternoon to wait for our appointment in the infusion center (and Ben repeatedly beat Poppy without mercy at the Nintendo games).

Ben was pretty tired and grumpy by the time we got home but that is to be expected after his long day. We are still pretty happy that the side-effects of the medications have been pretty minimal. We will be at the infusion center the next three days so I will give more updates as the week progresses. We are also expecting some results from blood tests taken today to see how his body is reacting to the drugs so we will let you know if we learn anything interesting!

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