Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Country Kids with Cancer

As much as I'd like to focus on the handful of charities we've picked out, I found this one today and thought it was worth pointing out. Its focus is providing financial support to the families of pediatric cancer patients who have to travel more than 100 miles to get treatment. You can get information here:



Goel Jasper said...

Ben - Just because you don't hear as much from all of us theses days, don't think we're not thinking about you! Keep fightin'!!

Roxy said...

Hey Ben! Still following your progress ;) You're doing great, buddy :D

I share the same sentiments as goel jasper :D Just because you don't hear as much from me as much (thanks to 36 hour hospital shifts) doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you :D

You & your parents & David & your cats are always in my prayers :D Hang in there, and don't worry about the hair -- it'll grow back ;D