Saturday, June 2, 2007

Reality Check

I was so ecstatic about the news we received yesterday that I must say I forgot about the realities of chemo and the disease that Ben must fight.

We were so happy that there wasn't much that could get us down yesterday but then during our stay at the infusion center Ben started having some major pains in his stomach which continued into the evening. We didn't get much sleep as he needed to spend most of the night in the bathroom. Of course, this is a normal side effect to the drugs he is receiving. But in the joy of yesterday morning I forgot that we will be facing many days and nights like this.

I will admit I was getting a little overwhelmed and down as the sun started to come up and he was still feeling so horrible...but after just a couple of hours of sleep he opened his eyes and said "Mommy, I feel so much better and my tummy doesn't hurt anymore" and he had a big smile on his face. He is such an amazing boy!! No matter what pain he faces...he gets through it and has an amazing attitude!

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Aunt Stefanie said...


As I've said "off-line" many times, Ben and David are lucky to have a mother as loving, patient and devoted as you are. I am sure that everyone praying for Ben is equally sending strength and love to you, Scott and David. You're all incredible and inspiring.

Love, Stefanie