Friday, June 1, 2007


Yes, remission! We have the lab report, and that's what it says. I have thoroughly cross-examined Dr. Hurvitz, and we really can use the word! I will admit that I started crying in front of a bunch of girls!

It gets better. We are at a restaurant! Ben's white blood cell count, while still low, is high enough for us to do it! We still need to be careful about germs -- no exposure to sick people, lots of hand washing, avoid crowds, etc. -- but we don't need to take full neutropenic precautions anymore! After this, we're going to buy games for Ben's new PSP which a great friend of ours gave him yesterday!

I will post a lot more about all of this, including future treatment, later. We still have to do three years of treatment to make sure the cancer is all gone, and there are many opportunities for getting sidetracked. But we are totally overjoyed -- it's really up there with when the kids were born.

Thanks again to everyone for the prayers, support and encouragement. OK, back to our little celebration!


Kathy I. said...

Yeah Team Pearson and especially Captain Ben!!!!!!!!!
This is fantastic news. I'm so happy for all of you.

suz said...

Congrats! What wonderful news for Ben and your family! We are so happy for you!
s. aka blustr on P.S.

Marc Nathan said...

This is the news I was waiting for so that my first comment could be one of happiness, and joy.

I'm not terribly religious, but I am awfully spiritual and I am so happy my prayers, and the prayers of so many others, have been answered.

Go Ben... Go Ducks :)

Grandmom said...

Superman Ben fought so hard those bad cells didn't have a chance!
We're all doing a conga line here in Phoenix celebrating .... whatever a PSP is ...mighty Ben sure deserves it and LOTS of games with it! Tears of utter joy are flowing for you all!

Just wonder how Dr Hurvitz was able to handle mighty Daddy's interrogation. Bet she was never grilled like that with TWO lawyers interrogating her!Oy vey!

REMISSION!!!! .... never heard more BEAUTIFUL words!
Hugs to you all, including the doctors and nurses!
Baruch Hashem!
Abundant love,

kelrey said...

Woo hoo!! Great news!! Thrilled for you all!!