Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This Blog is Worthless Without Pics

OK, so some of you have never seen Ben and David, eh? OK, here are some pictures. From the top:
1 - Ben and David at the beach in Hawaii. Ben is on the bottom.
2 - Ben with our cats, Zorro (black) and Geronimo (seal point with mittens and blaze - yes, those are technical cat terms!).
3 - Ben (left) and David (right) with a big snake.
4 - From this past weekend, Ben and David with the largemouth bass Ben caught. I'm in the middle. You can see that Ben's face is still pretty puffy from the steroids. Thankfully, the puffiness is going away!
OK, you happy now?


Michigan Grattans said...

Nice fish! I didn't know you had a lake by you where you could fish! Tell Ben and David that their fish sure beats the sun fish Kyle & Reid caught last week!
Love you all~
Megan & Marty

Roxy said...

Hi Ben!!! So glad to see your pictures :D Cool fish!