Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hello from the Playroom

There is a lot of waiting when you're a cancer patient. First you have to wait to be seen after you check in, then there is waiting between procedures. For example, they often draw blood when you arrive, then you wait for results from the lab so they can decide what treatment you're going to get.

The playroom is a pretty great place, because there are games, books, toys and a great "child life specialist" there to take the kids' minds off of their treatment and the boredom of waiting. It also is great because patients and their families get to meet each other. Today, we met Will, a three-year old who has been treated here since last September, and another boy who has lost his hair (haven't learned his name yet, but he's probably a year or two older than Ben if I had to guess).

Anyway, this place is funded by the Cedars Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Fund, which you can donate to by clicking a link in the margin if you are so inclined. Today we delivered some toys donated by a good friend of ours in my office -- thank you!!!

I will post a report on Ben's status after we are done today.

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