Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More progress

The IV line was disconnected from the PICC line this afternoon. This means that Ben can wear regular shirts without assistance from a nurse! The PICC line is covered by a little mesh sleeve so it doesn't bother him as much -- basically it is a port for drawing blood or administering drugs intravenously.

Ben is feeling good. We're just watching TV.


Goel Jasper said...

You should know that people you've never even met are praying for Ben's recovery. And we know he's going to do it!

AJ Goldfinger said...

Shalom From Israel,

We are delighted to hear of your son's progress! I can only imagine, or perhaps fear (as a fellow parent) how incredibly trying this period has been. Our dear friend Stephanie has tuned us all in, and we hope that in someway, we can be of some assistance, whether emotionally, spiritually, or whatever.

I am sure that advice is pouring in, and perhaps you are tired of hearing the recommendations of others, etc. However, if not, here is one quick detail which may have surprisingly positive results in a short period of time. Though I am sure you already know this, there is an internationally agreed accord that affirms the rights of all child patients to consume any and all available quantities of ice cream at anytime. I remember when I was a child and had to have surgery performed, that I greatly appreciated this right, and exercised it often - Perhaps thats why I can remember this experience from my toddler years! Feel free to apprise Ben of his rights to Ben & Jerries and Haagen Daz throughout - you might be find the uplifting of his spirits will have other favorable influences on his health. That possibility alone was enough of a reason for me to share this thought!

All of our Love,
Avishai, Marla, Michaella, and Navona Goldfinger

She-Ra. Princess of Power said...

Hi Ben!!

My name is Shira and I'm a friend of your aunt Stefanie. I just saw her when I was visiting Israel last week and she told me all about you. She also showed me your picture, which is on her desk at work.

You are one handsome guy!!!

When I'm not visiting Israel or other cool places, I live in New York City, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This city is wonderful but also crazy at times. I don't know if you have ever been here, but I wanted to send you an invitation to come visit my family when you finish your treatments.

Here are some really great things we can see:

The Bronx Zoo
The Central Park Zoo
The American Museum of Natural History (where Night at Museum is set)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Statue of Liberty
The Empire State Building
The Brooklyn Bridge
The South Street Seaport
A Broadway Show

I have three kids but they are older than you, HOWEVER, my youngest son, Judah, would be a great kid to hang out with. He is almost 12 and is fun-loving and wacky. He loves bike-riding and swimming and would live at the Natural History Museum if I let him. Once, when they had the Albert Einstein exhibit, he made me go about 3 times!

Judah is also a cellist with a New York City youth orchestra. He has a concert at Lincoln Center next week. If you ever come to town when he has a concert, we can take you to see kids from the age of 7 and older playing beautiful music.

Someone else you will be happy to meet when you come to see us is our dog Alfie the Pomeranian. In case you are not familiar with Pomeranians, I have to tell you that they are the cutest and most fantastic dogs in the entire world. They love people, in fact, Alfie jumps up to lick everyone he passes on the street. Even tough guys like the guards at Columbia University (where we live) get all mushy when they see Alfie. A lot of these guys are Spanish and it is pretty funny to hear them say things like "Que Lindo!!!!!" and pet him when he comes by.

Alfie has his own blog, like you. You can visit it at

Guess what???? He just barked to me that he wants to devote a special blog entry to you!!!!! You can visit his blog in the next day and see what he writes!!

Anyway, I have been reading about you and your amazing fight. I can tell you are a champion.

I look forward to seeing you in New York. I will be in touch with your aunt Stefanie so we can make plans.

Luv from New York,