Sunday, May 13, 2007

Open Forum

Those of you who know me well know how much time I spend on the Internet. I spend a lot of time on some message boards, plus I read a lot of blogs and web sites. On a USC Football blog I read from time to time, the author has an "open forum" feature where he lets people post questions which he then answers later. So let's try that now.

If you have a question, post it in a comment and we will try to post an answer for you.

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Reina MacDonald said...

Hi Scott; I am one of those who whats all the details, but I am reluctant to inundate you with e-mails. So I am really glad you started this blog. My question is, were there any advance signs that Ben was sick, or did he just go to school normally on Tuesday and get sick suddenly? It is frightening to think that this can come on so quickly.