Monday, May 14, 2007

Questions about gifts and donations

Lots of people have asked via e-mail what gifts Ben would like and where they might make a donation for leukemia research.

As far as gifts go, Ben is pretty easy. Books, arts and crafts stuff, toys, stuffed animals, sports stuff, anything for a six year old boy is great. Stay away from Ben 10 and Power Rangers, as he and David have just about every toy made to date. They have a Leapster but not a game system (we still have a Nintendo 64 which we have not let them play with). They love PC games.

UCLA or Red Wings items will be rudely returned. ;)

As far as donations, Ben is participating in a study sponsored by Children's Oncology Group, so that's a good organization to support. You can access their web site and some other organizations involved with leukemia research using the links in the right margin.

Thanks very much to everyone who has expressed interest in this stuff. It is very kind.


Uncle Chris said...

No Red Wing gifts, whose request was that Ben's or Dad's?

Eliana Miriam Hoffman said...

Hi Ben, I'm a friend of your Aunt Stefanie's in Israel. I'm originally from Detroit and am deeply hurt by your comment on the Wings. :(

Just kidding! I will continue to read updates on your blog EVEN THOUGH I still love the Wings!

If you're bored, you can check out my baby's blog,, where you can see videos of her learning to clap, trying (unsuccessfuly) to eat Cheerios, and playing with our dog.

Netanya Hoffman