Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thanks for the Comments!

Ben's face totally lights up when I read him the comments that people post. Ms. Thomas's comment today was particularly effective. Thanks, Ms. Thomas!

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Grandmom said...

What a spectacular teacher Ben has. If Ms. Thomas reads this, know how very grateful Ben's whole extended family is for your participation in the Run for Leukemia amd Lymphomia. Please let us know how we can contribute to your personal fund raising for the run.

If I could, I'd be right by your side, but know I'm on your shoulder with enthusiasm and gratitude. Only wish I could be at the finish line to give you a huge hug!

You are indeed the BEST. Ben is most fortunate to have you as a teacher .... but then also you know how lucky you and your students are to have Superman Ben in your class and David in your school! Go Montessori!

Hugs to Ben and DAvid, Mommy and Daddy