Saturday, May 19, 2007

Post-party, no depression

I'll be at Caesar's all week.

Ben is feeling better. We just played Mouse Trap, a really fun game. We are waiting for a nurse to show up to teach us how to flush Ben's PICC line. We have to do that regularly or it will clog up and need to be replaced.

David's party was great. Thanks to everyone who was able to come!

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Grandmom said...

Hooray! Ben is home and David's party was indeed fantabulous! Hope you found the pill crusher and that the infusion nurse takes her time teaching you how to handle the PICC line. You may not remember that I was an "infusion" nurse when Jim had his foot infection. It ain't easy ... but you two are brave and strong ... and oh so smart, it'll be a cinch. So many people are writing to send their love and prayers for you all.... and sooo PROUD of the LA Pearsons, me especially! Hugs and love,Grandmom