Friday, May 18, 2007

Morning Update

We are waiting for Ben to be taken for his bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap, which are scheduled for 10 am. He has to fast for it, so he's hungry and a little grumpy.

His white blood cell count is down a little today. We are hoping this won't prevent a discharge today. Keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks to everyone for the comments and donations. We read all of the comments to Ben, and they really cheer him up.


Larry Lieberman said...

Hi Ben, When I first saw the photo of you on steroids, I thought that maybe Barry Bonds had visited the hospital. We understand what you are going through with biopsy's and things like that and figure you must be one tough guy by now. Hope you will be rooting for the Phoenix Suns to beat San Antonio tonight. All our love, Larry and Evie Lieberman

Ms. Richman said...

Dear Ben,

We are keeping our fingers crossed that you get to go home this weekend. We miss you. You are in our thoughts every single minute of the day. We admire what a great patient you are being, brave and strong.

Ms. Richman