Monday, May 21, 2007

The Outpatient Stuff Begins

This afternoon, we'll go to the Cancer Institute at Cedars for our first outpatient visit. We are hoping to get the results of his bone marrow biopsy today. If they find a significant number of blast cells in his bone marrow, he'll have another intensive week of chemo followed by another bone marrow biopsy. If the blast cells are pretty much gone, he'll have less intensive chemo and won't need another biopsy for three weeks.

We continue to be overwhelmed by your support. Thanks very much to all of you.

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Laura said...

Hi Ben,

my brother Steve just forwarded me an email about you yesterday. I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well and hope you begin to feel better soon! I bet all of your friends are jealous that you don't have to go to school! :)

Scott and Nicole, my husband Brad and I went to a bone marrow drive last year and are on the national bone marrow list. I am A- and would like to help Ben. I do not know how to go about donating in NoCal for Ben's use in SoCal. Please let me know what I can do.

Ben, you must have a pretty special family. I am TERRIFIED of needles and wouldn't do this for just anyone!

Laura Mooney-Hillebrandt