Monday, May 14, 2007

Open Forum Answer #1: Advance Signs?

Question: My question is, were there any advance signs that Ben was sick, or did he just go to school normally on Tuesday and get sick suddenly? It is frightening to think that this can come on so quickly.

Answer: He had a fever and was staying home, but we did not think anything was seriously wrong. There were some earlier signs of leukemia, but we did not recognize them at the time. He had some pain in his legs which we thought were growing pains. He was a little more fatigued and grumpy than usual. But we didn't think much of these things when they happened.

The fever, paleness and weakness before we took him to the hospital were the first things that seemed extraordinary. A group of residents told us that leukemia does present acutely as it did here. Fortunately, Ben is getting treatment in a timely manner and his prognosis is very good.

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