Friday, May 18, 2007

We're Home!!!!!!!!

And it feels great! Ben is tired and grumpy, but happy to be home. We have lots of stuff to put away, sort of like after a vacation. We also have a ton of new gear from the drugstore and a lot of medicine to administer. Ben goes back to the hospital on Monday, but as an outpatient this time. We'll be going there a lot, hopefully just as outpatients. If Ben gets a fever, he has to be readmitted. So he'll have to miss David's birthday party tomorrow -- can't risk exposing him to a bunch of kids and their germs.

Thanks again to everyone for the help, support and encouragement. We'd like to thank a lot of people by name, but we're afraid that we might leave someone out. So Nicole and I thank all of you -- you know who you are.


joy said...

WELCOME HOME!!! We love you!!!
Love, Joy, Joel and Carson xoxoxox

Debbie Schwartz said...

Welcome Home! My name is Debbie schwartz and I am a freind of your Bubbie's. I hope that all this medication and new stuff that you have to do gets a little easier to handle as the days go on. I am sure that I don't have to tell you...but your role as Ben's medical advocate is vital to the quality of his care, treatment and, hopefully, cure! Ask lots of questions, be a quick study and don't let the Dr.'s off the hook until you completely understand every step they are taking in his care. Do your research, be as knowledgeable as you can be...use that blackberry to take will help greatly when medications and treatments change. Sending love and prayers, Debbie Schwartz

Gail & Stan said...

So glad that you are home!!!
Hope that good news continues!!

Love, Aunt Gail & Uncle Stanley